Sunday, October 12, 2014

Just The Way You Wanted It

It is a crime for you Americans to save what you earn. You must first and foremost pay us what we have decided you owe us. You must hand this money over before you buy food for your children, even before it arrives in your bank account. Your employer will cooperate with us to make sure you never get a chance to handle the money you owe us.

You people like it this way. You voted away your money when we promised you various benefits in return for your money. You never got these promises in writing, and the conditions were such that you had to keep paying us regardless of when, how, or even if the benefits are ever delivered to you. You signed away your right to withhold your tax payments under the above terms over and over again. You cannot even withhold your own money in protest, yet you keep working for us to get that little bit of your own money that we allow you to keep, that little commission we use to motivate you. Peaceful resistance is not possible for you; that’s the way you wanted it.

Are you enjoying your government benefits? Do you feel you are getting your moneys worth? Who cares? You sure don’t, and even if you did you would keep paying anyway. Either way, we get to keep your money and use it however we please. We’ve done quite well with it, by the way. As you can see here we are earning more than you with money we took from you. We deserve it.

I wish to thank you. You save us the trouble of invoicing you by filing out your form 1040 every year. It would be a lot of work for us, and we would have to use some of the money we take from you to accomplish this. Instead, you pay about $1,000 and 25 hours per person annually to take care of this for us, allowing us to focus our efforts on taking more of your money. With roughly 70,000 pages + Obamacare in all it is easy for you to make a mistake, and lucrative for us when you do. Our penalty rates are very high. In fact, they amount to usury, and if we had to follow state laws I have no doubt our penalties would be illegal in many States. We are the Federal government. We can do what we want.

“Indeed, in a free government almost all other rights would become worthless if the government possessed power over the private fortune of every citizen.”
- John Marshall

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