Sunday, November 2, 2014

"Tax the Rich, Corporations, and ..." You people always fall for that one.

“The IRS is there to help us, it enables the government to give money to poor people who need it more than rich people and corporations.”

That’s right, go on believing that when we take your hard earned money it is just like donating to charity. You can sleep well believing that you are a good person for paying your "fair" share, for being good little Americans beaten into submission by IRS employees. Never mind the fact that Congress always allows sufficient loopholes for themselves and the rest of the super rich, effectively lowering or eliminating their taxes. Look the other way when we continue expanding the definition of "rich" to include more and more of you, until everybody with full time work is rich and forced to pay us as we deem appropriate. Never even consider that taxes actually cause much more harm than good to all economic classes; this is all just extremist propaganda.

According to Dr. Dale Jorgenson, chairman of the Harvard Economics Department, an average of 22 percent of the price of consumer goods and services represents the costs of federal taxes and tax compliance costs paid by producers and suppliers in the process of making the product. Ultimately these costs are passed on to and paid by the consumer in the form of higher prices. We know from basic economics that once a cost is removed industry wide, competition will push the price down by the amount of the removed cost in a very short time. The net result of eliminating federal taxes would be a nation wide across the board drop in consumer prices by about 22%. This would in effect give the poor a 22% raise, or more for those earning enough to pay income tax. 

What we have helped you forget is that there is only 1 taxpayer, the US economy. Taxing the economy, be it the rich, the corporations, or anybody else harms every member of that economy one way or another.

“But what about the government!?!?” you ask as we marvel at how well we trained you good little americans to look out for us. Even as we extort money from you to further fund our infringement of the freedoms you people fought for your concern is still for us. Like the woman who not only returns to, but defends her abusive "lover."

Without an individual or income tax or social security taxes the budget could be balanced with current revenue levels from other sources if the government were reduced in size to where it was in the 1970s. Current revenue from the gasoline, alcohol, tobacco taxes, and other sources would be enough to fund all federal services as they were in 1972 with a small surplus. Yes, 1972 was prior to the fall of the USSR. Subtract the mile high USSR induced portion of the defense budget and you just might account for inflation between 72 and the present.  If you leave social security in place you can fund government at roughly 1990 levels.  Don't worry, we in government will always ensure we take enough of your resources to continually increase the level of policing you people are subject to; we will never again give you the freedom you had in the 70's and 80's.

In addition, if the working poor were given the opportunity to opt out of social security, they would have an additional 6.2% in savings, increasing the total savings rate to 28%. Rest assured, we will do everything with the power we took from you to make sure you are never given the opportunity to vote for such Ron Paul types.

Know that Dr. Dale Jorgenson will be paying his “fair” share of income tax until the day he dies.

“The best way to put more money in people's wallets is to leave it there in the first place.”
- Edwin Feulner

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