Wednesday, May 20, 2015

TSA to America: “Shut Up and Spread Your Legs.”

This entry serves as an announcement to the American general public. We at the government, specifically TSA, are going to be conducting much more thorough checks of you people seeking commercial air transportation. Many of you will not like the more personal searches, but we don’t care. We at the government have decided to proceed without your consent. We have offered you a choice, you can choose between being viewed naked by us or having us give you a thorough pat down, necessarily including breast and genital fondling. You have no further say over how we search your bodies; your obligation is to comply and continue believing it is for your own good. We don’t expect much resistance from you people.
You should have made a few changes in preparation by now. Consider the lesson you used to teach your children. It went something like: “Nobody can touch or see your private area except for the family doctor we choose.” Now you should be responsible parents and prepare your children for exposure to our TSA employees. Consider a more fitting lesson: “Remember, only the doctor and government employees can touch or see your private area, and saying no to a government employee can get you, Mommy or Daddy thrown in jail.” If you don’t think your 8 year old son or 13 year old daughter needs to choose between being viewed naked by us or having one of us feel your child’s breasts and genitals, you are going to have to be a good little American and get over it. Just looked what we did to this man when he protested. He was very lucky. We might not have caught a terrorist yet, but we have caught thousands of you people not complying with us. It’s going to get much worse for you if you people resist.
You Americans would never allow anyone in a mall, sidewalk, or other public place to freely place others under duress in order to feel their breasts and genitals for any reason; you would immediately call on us at the government to remove that person. We have conditioned you to not only accept, but welcome that same sexual assault as long as it is carried out by us at the government. We have trained you to not only allow, but thank us as we take liberties with your bodies that many would consider offensive even to discuss, and you believe we do this for your own good. In fact, according to our in house poll most of you invite the oppression. The “men” of America will even surrender their wives and daughters to be viewed naked or fondled by us as we see fit with little to no resistance. Consider this disloyal woman's paraphrased statement: “For a sane person in a sane country, the following statement should be true My freely chosen bedmates and doctors are the only ones allowed to see my naked body or touch my genitalia. Wrong. You people no longer have the right to such dignity and respect here in the USA. This woman might talk big and tough behind the internet, but I guarantee when we tell her to shut up and spread her legs, she’ll fall right in line with the rest of you good little Americans. You people always do, it’s the American way. I guess chivalry really is dead, thanks to us.
Here’s a question for you; what kind of a man knowingly surrenders his own daughter to one of us government workers to be molested, standing by passively even as her private parts are fondled while she screams “Daddy Daddy, please help me!” Punch line: an American man. I speak only to you men when I say you gutless cowards will be lining up to hand over your wives and daughters in our airports, it will happen hundreds of time each day across our USA. You had better start explaining to your children that we government employees are allowed to touch their private parts whenever we want; it will make the whole thing a lot less dramatic.
There is nothing wrong with us treating you as such because we are both immune and exempt from your morality and laws, even those laws intended to prevent sexual assault. Your bodies are in effect our bodies. It is you who have no right to not allow us to see you naked or fondle you. It does not matter if sexual molestation by our TSA employees causes psychological harm to your children lasting decades into adulthood. We are immune from any and all legal consequences and will not be deterred. If your child is damaged by our screening process, it is very likely because you poisoned your child’s mind against the United States government. In such a case we may have your states Child Protective Services consider whether or not you are fit to be parents.
It doesn’t matter to you if TSA background checks are not adequate or incomplete when employment begins. You do not care if those hands on your loved ones body could be those of a sex offender. We know it doesn’t matter to you because you will still choose to submit to our authority as government employees. What occupation could possibly be more appealing to a pedophile or sex offender?
Hear this warning; we will not tolerate any of you spouting off about your rights under the constitution. We are not interested in your rants about unreasonable searches and seizures without a warrant. We do not care if you think allowing four ounces of unidentified fluid per traveler times four accomplices equates to one pound of explosives slipping right under our noses; WE are the professionals. Your idiocy does not deter us, and can get you fined or thrown in jail. Consider that the majority of Americans want us at the government to exercise our right to intimately search anyone and everyone we want. We took our oaths as federal employees to support and defend our constitution, not you, so you will leave the constitution to us.
Never before have there been a people more difficult to control, more resistant to tyranny than early Americans. Never before have a people been more easily submitted, controlled, and dominated than you modern Americans. This unprecedented change we’ve made in your minds over just 234 years is a testament to our amazing success at the government. And we did it all while convincing you that you’re still free!!

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
- 4th Amendment of the document that once constituted the USA.

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