Sunday, December 13, 2015

You People are the Government's Cattle

You people think you are free. You study American history and learn how your forefathers fought against an oppressive king and won their freedom. You may even read their warnings about guarding freedom, about how the domestic government can slowly erode liberty while the people don’t even notice. I have news for you; it has already happened. We at the government have already assumed ownership of your bodies, and, even better for us, we rent them back to you for quite a bit of cash.
Income tax. It’s the law, the law we made to claim a right to assume ownership of a percentage of your income forever. “How can there be a law that gives one person or organization the right to take money from other persons and organizations without their consent?” You may ask. Easy, we at the government exercise such a high degree of control over you that it is in effect a claim of ownership on you, much like a master / slave relationship. In terms of medicine, food and water, etc., we control what you put in your bodies, where and how you travel, what you learn and are taught to believe in our schools, what sorts of medical care you are allowed to access, etc etc. We publicly subject you to 
gross personal violations that would NEVER be tolerated if done by someone other than your owners. Our ownership of you is further evidenced by your acceptance of the high degree of control we exercise over you; you don’t ever think to assert that we have no right to treat you as we do. If we own you, without question we also own your earnings.
If you do not pay the tax debt we assign to you we will send our IRS agents to help you pay. They will help you by confiscating your money, income, property, and even future earnings. The proceeds will be credited to your tax liability. If this looting is not sufficient to collect the debt our laws assign to you, we will simply repossess “your” body by placing you in one of our prisons. If you do not pay whatever price we demand to rent and enjoy the use of “your” body, you cannot have it. You see, we really do own you. You belong to us.  We have room for millions of you in our prisons. 
If we assume a high degree of control over you, and can forcefully place you in our custody if you do not pay whatever price we demand, well, doesn’t that sound like an owner renting his property to a lessee? We at the government assumed ownership of your bodies and you were completely oblivious. We did the same thing to your homes, and, of course, you didn’t notice that either, much less stand up for yourselves.
Another view is that freedom is a commodity that we at the government monopolize, and rent to you people for profit. Take your pick, it’s a win win for us at the government.

"How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think."
- Adolf Hitler

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